ordinary portland cement from pakistan

Ordinary Portland Cement is the most common cement used in general concrete construction when there is no exposure to sulphates in the soil or groundwater.

Tiger Cement Limited is one of the best maintained companies for exporting Ordinary Portland Cement from Pakistan and is managed by qualified and expert cement field specialists.

Standards and Specifications of Ordinary Portland Cement

Different standards are used for classification of Ordinary Portland cement. Tiger Cement complies with the following Standards.

Quality Management for Best Quality Ordinary Portland Cement

Tiger Cement Limited always gives major emphasis in manufacturing high quality cement through stringent quality control techniques and computerized control systems using state of the art sophisticated equipments like Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and on line X-Ray Analyzers. The Company has got one of the best equipped laboratories, having all facilities for the analysis of raw material, semi furnished product, furnished product and fuel, to ensure the supply of high quality product to market.